Power Snack

Raw Homemade Chocolate

by Nicole January 28, 2013 Chocolate
Craving chocolate but don’t want any of the sugar that it’s loaded with? Then, this recipe is for you… I have found my new happy place. Mesquite powder is an amazing naturally sweet superfood that I have my eye on at the moment. I love the Navitas brand and this is what they have to say about it…
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Chopped Veggie Salad

by Nicole February 27, 2012 Appetizer
If you are tired of your green leafy salads keep reading… I am loving this colorful salad at the moment. It is so refreshing and great to have on hand to munch on when you need a quick veggie boost!
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No-Grain Granola

by Cara May 8, 2011 Power Snack
I’m a huge fan of granola, and since eating grain-free, this is something I really miss topping my yogurt with or just eating with some milk, but here is a great alternative that is packed with protein and good fats.    
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High Protein “Frozen Yogurt”

by Cara April 26, 2011 Power Snack
This frozen treat was a perfect recovery meal after today’s bike ride and run. Providing a complete protein to kick start protein synthesis after a workout, whey protein provides all 8 key amino acids and is the highest source of the amino acid leucine. This amino acid sends signals to your muscles to increase protein synthesis, which means faster recovery. [...]
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